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Nothing beats the experience of flying in a small aircraft, and we offer rides in three of the best and most reliable. Our two de Havilland DHC-1 Chipmunks are world-renowned for their flight characteristics and the back seat offers large panoramic views of the sky and ground. For the more adventurous, nothing compares to the open cockpit of the Stearman with the wind in your face and the sound of its powerful radial engine in your ears. And for those wanting to experience a ride in one of the most famous training aircraft in the world, nothing beats our Harvard.

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The CH2A's 1940 Stearman biplane has proven to be our most popular aircraft with the public. The romance and excitement of flying in an open-cockpit, fabric-covered biplane is irresistible. The views of Windsor and Essex County are spectacular, providing lots of photo opportunities to our passengers.


The Stearman has represented the CH2A at several air shows, including Windsor Ontario, CFB Borden, Ontario and Willow Run, Michigan. With the lowest flying speed in our fleet, it is also our lead Yellowbird Formation aircraft with our Chipmunks in the number two and three positions. We have approximately a half dozen qualified Stearman pilots in the CH2A.



The de Havilland DHC-1 Chipmunk was designed to succeed the Tiger Moth biplane trainer (also built by de Havilland) that was widely used during WWII. The first Chippie flew in 1946 and over 500 remain airworthy today, with more being rebuilt every year.


Both of CH2A's Chippies can be seen flying over Windsor and Essex County on a regular basis and, along with our Stearman, participate in numerous public flyovers, most notably during Remembrance Day events.


The Chipmunks feature a large bubble canopy with great views from the rear seat.


The CH2A's 1952 Canadian-built Harvard Mk IV is the latest addition to the fleet. The Harvard was the main advanced trainer of WWII and was used right into the 1990's as a miltary trainer in many air forces. Over 15,000 were manufactured and hundreds are still flying today.


Equipped with a 600hp Pratt & Whitney radial engine,

the Harvard's prop tips can exceed super-sonic speeds, creating a very distinctive sound. The design and power plant of the Harvard make it a very capable aerobatic aircraft.


The Harvard has a very spacious and comfortable cockpit and is the Cadillac of CH2A's fleet.



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