Our Mission

As President of the Canadian Historical Aircraft Association, I am proud to uphold our mission to “honour Canadian veterans by preserving, maintaining, restoring, displaying, and demonstrating antique or vintage military and civilian aircraft and artifacts considered important to Canadian aviation history”. In fulfilling our mission and gathering and telling the stories of our veterans, we help our children and grandchildren understand the sacrifices made for our freedom.


Every day at the Canadian Historical Aircraft Association you can experience history, both the reliving of it and the making of it. When one of our planes flies, for most it is a rare and wonderful thing to witness. The CH2A has maintained a fleet of flyable historic aircraft for over 15 years! We truly are where aviation history lives.


Today we maintain two DeHavilland Chipmunks, a North American Harvard IV and a Boeing Stearman biplane and are presently restoring the City of Windsor’s FM 212 Lancaster as well as Mosquito Bomber KB161 with the help of our dedicated volunteers. Our pilots volunteer their time to take the aircraft to air shows so that people everywhere get the chance to experience these types of aircraft. Every time you see a “Yellowbird” in the air we are honouring our veterans.


As well, our volunteers give tours to school children and other groups, telling the tales of our veterans to honour their service. Volunteers from our archive group collect the stories and artifacts of our veterans and proudly display these in the Wes Bridgen Archive room.


You too can experience history through the Canadian Historical Aircraft Association. I hope this website gives you a taste of what we try to do here every day. Consider becoming a member and perhaps a volunteer. And help us to continue to “Preserve and Honour".

John G. Robinaon,

  President CH2A