The first four words of CH2A's Mission Statement are "To Honour Canadian Veterans". Beginning in 2014, we will honour the memories of those men who made the ultimate sacrifice by posting their names and squadrons on these pages. We thank all veterans for their service but especially those who gave their lives so that we may enjoy the freedoms we have today.


June 2014 Honorees

John McGivney is a veteran who celebrates his 90th birthday this month. He was a pilot/navigator in RAF 8 Squadron, Coastal Command flying the Wellington XIII during WWII.


Lyle James, DFC, #7 E.F.T.S. graduate, was a Lancaster pilot with RAF 101 Squadron. With his crew-mate William Squared, Lyle flew a record 32 missions in 90 days.


Thomas Scotland DFC, RAF Transport Command. Radio operator/Navigator.

Declared missing over the Atlantic.


Stanley W. Smith, Windsor pilot. Flew Hurricanes, Harvards and Spitfires. Former member of the Essex Scottish Regiment.


P/O W. Gordon Craig, from Merlin Ontario. He flew Cornells.


Alan Early DFC, as Flight Lt. saved his crew by crash landing his B-24 Liberator on Sable Island.

July 2014 Honorees

F/O Douglas McGrath, from Roseland, Ontario, KIA, age 21. RCAF 431 (Iroquois) Squadron


F/O Thomas Brannagan, DFC. RCAF 403 and 441 Squadrons.  He flew 4 missions over Normandy beaches on D-Day, June 6, 1944


F/O George Walter Clarke, KIA, Nov 30,1944 in a Lancaster bomber, RCAF 429 (Bison) Squadron


LAC Vic Carman.  Former member of the Air Force Club, Windsor, Ontario


LAC Malen Vance Cavanagh, Trenton, Ontario


Fl/Sgt (B) Frank Doolittle, posted to #7 EFTS, then Jarvis Bombing School. He

was presented his wings by Billy Bishop. Completed 31 missions with RAF 50 Sqdn.

Lives in Elliott Lake, Ontario.


August 2014 Honorees

P/O Raymond Adam, KIA Dec 20, 1944, age 20 years. RCAF 419 (Moose) Sqdn.

Buried in Reichswald Forest War Cemetery in Germany


F/O (N) Edward Joseph Brian, KIA, age 27 years. RAF 207 Squadron, Lancaster LM261. Hit near Fosses, Belgium in night raid.  Buried in war cemetery Leopoldsburg, Belgium


P/O(AG) Robert Scott Chapman, KIA, age 21 years, from Kingsville, ON. RCAF 424 (Tiger) Squadron, Halifax HX318. Target: Karlsrutte, Germany.  Shot down during night ops.  Buried in war cemetery, Rheinburg, Ger.


F/Sgt (P) Joseph Leo Deschamps, KIA, age 23 years. RCAF 403 (Wolf) SQDN Spitfire BS120. Lost during cross-channel sweep.  Buried in Dieppe Canadian Cemetery, France.


P/O (WAG) George Matuszewski, KIA, age 19 years. RCAF 419 (Moose) SQDN. On his 15th operation in Lancaster KB761. Shot down by a German ME-262 jet fighter. Target Hamburg. No known grave. Name inscribed on Runneymede War Memorial, Surrey, U.K.


(AG)  Alphonse Peter Ouellette, KIA, age 20 years. RAF 162 SQDN Wellington. Lost over Eldhaba, Egypt. No known grave. Name inscribed on the Alamein War Memorial, Egypt

September 2014 Honorees


W/OP Joseph Alphonse Pare, KIA, age 24 years.  RCAF 408 (Goose) Squadron, Lancaster LL717 was shot down during a night run into Frankfort, Germany.  No known grave. Name inscribed on Runneymede War Memorial,UK.


F/Sgt (AG) Ronald George Postans, KIA, age 21 years. RAF 57 Sqdn- Wellington Z8868. Crashed in the English Channel during a bombing OP.  No known grave.  Name inscribed on Runneymede War Memorial.


P/O (AG) John Couzens Reeb, KIA. From Essex, ON. RAF 115 Sqdn, Witchford,

England. Lancaster ME718.  Missing during a night raid against Settin, Germany.

Buried in the churchyard at Ove, Jutland, Denmark.


F/Sgt (AG) Jacob Schafer, KIA. From Kingsville, ON.  RAF 166 Sqdn, Lancaster LW694. Lost during a mine-laying operation in Danzig Bay, Poland. Buried in the churchyard at Rye, Jutland Denmark.


P/O (WAG) Ivor Ernest Smithson, KIA. RCAF 407 (Demon) Sqdn. Wellington HF311.

Did not return from anti-sub patrol. Six months earlier this crew sank German U-Boat U669 in the Bay of Biscay. Buried in the catholic Cemetery Bally, Conneely, County Galway, Ireland.


P/O (WAG) Henry Andrew Stazuk, KIA, age 20 years. RAF 37 Sqdn. Wellington W5626. Was lost near Bardai, Chad, Africa. No known grave. Name inscribed on the

Alamein War Memorial, Egypt.


October 2014 Honorees


F/O(BA) Maurice Strosberg, age 24 years, KIA. RAF 415 Swordfish Sqdn, Halifax #MZ456. Missing during a raid against Hanover, Ger. Buried in the Limmer British Cemetery at Hanover, Ger.


F/O(AG) John Russell Thomas,  from Amherstburg. RAF 620 Sqdn, Stirling #LJ 880

Went down over Arnheim, The Netherlands while on a paratroop and glider-towing operation. Buried in Oosterbeek Airborne Cemetery, Holland


WO2(AG) Chester Charles Trudell, age 21 years, KIA. RAF 97 Sqdn Lancaster. Shot down into the sea off the Isle of Urk, Holland. Buried in the Oud Leusden General Cemetery, Amersfoort, Utrecht Holland.


WO1(P) Sydney Allen George Turner,  age 21 years, KIA. RAF 37 Sqdn, Wellington.

Failed to return after operations. No known grave. Name inscribed on the Alamein War Memorial, Egypt.


WO2 (WAG) Douglas Hubert Watt, from, Scudder, Pelee Island, age 26 years, KIA .

RAF 102 Ceylon Sqdn, Halifax #7882. Lost during a raid against Magdeburg, Ger. Buried in the Woensel General Cemetery Eindoven, Holland.


P/O (WAG) James Hugh Watt, from Scudder, Pelee Island, age 27 years. RAF 10.T.U. Hudson #AM687. Crashed 10 miles north of the Mull of Galloway, Scotland. No known grave. Name inscribed on the Runneymede War Memorial.



November 2014 Honorees


   For the month of November, we at Canadian Historical Aircraft Association have chosen to honor all military personnel in active service as well as our Veterans.  Canadians must not forget that sacrifices are still being made for us on foreign soil.


   The more Canadians learn about all Veterans who gave us the freedom we enjoy today, the more we can appreciate and honor them.


   Hopefully, Canadians will ensure we do not lose our precious freedom, and  continue to stop those who would take it away or oppress free people worldwide.


                                             We will never forget

December 2014 Honorees


F/O (P) Gordon George Welch, age 21 years, KIA. RAF 100 Sqdn Lancaster #LM474. Shot down at Uden during a night op to Sterkrade, Ger. Buried at War Cemetery at

Uden, North Brabant, Holland


P/O (P) Robert Edwin Wigle, age 22 years, KIA. RAF 33 Sqdn Hurricane #BP181.

Shot down at El Daba. Buried at El Daba and name is inscribed on the Alamein War Memorial, Egypt.


F/O (BA) John Zywina, age 24 years, KIA. RAF 138 Sqdn Halifax #LL469. Failed to

return from night ops, dropping supplies and agents. No known grave. Name

inscribed on the Runneymede War Memorial, UK


P/O (WAG) Christian Abildgaard, age 21 years, KIA. RAF 354 Sqdn Liberator #NG822 Lost over the Bay of Biscay. No known grave. Name inscribed on the Singapore War Memorial, Malaya.


P/O (N) Donald Mclean Awrey, age 23 years, KIA. RAF 433 Porcupine Sqdn Halifax # HX272. Shot down by German night fighter and crashed near Buttenham, Ger. Target Nuremburg. On his 27th mission. Buried in war cemetery Durnbach, Ger.


F/L (P) Norman Philip Blain, age 22years, KIA. RAF 189 Sqdn Lancaster #PB848.

Missing from night op to Karlsrhue, Ger. Buried in war cemetery Durnbach,Ger.